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Sri Muthumariamman Temple - Naducauvery

Temple in 2012

A dedicated website created for Muthumarimman temple in Naducauvery

Brief History

I wish to bring the following few lines for your information. Our family was worshipping Lord Venkateswara as Kula Deivam for many generations. Once my Cousins went to Kanchipuram and had blessings of Mahaperiava. Mahaperiava asked about our poorveegam. My Cousins told Madurai. Mahaperiava smiled and said Naducauvery not Madurai.Also Holiness asked to tell Naducauvery if anyone ask our poorveegam.

Then my Cousins came across a Sidha purusha in Chennai somewhere in 1999-2000 who told us that your Kula Deivam is not Lord Venkateswara but a Devi in a place called Naducauvery near Thanjavur in Tamilnadu. He also narrated an incident in the life of our great grand father who lived there. The story goes like this : Once when our great grandfather was returning to the village after giving Ramayana Pravachanam in a place across the river Cauvery with family in a boat , the river flooded and they were about to be drowned. He shouted “Amma Parashakthi Kappathu”. Soon a neem tree branch came floating and with that support the family returned safely. Then he declared that he and his generations will worship HER as Kuladeivam.When years passed the family left the village and settled in Madurai.The Devi worship was discontinued.

Now, after about 150 years, the Siddhar at Chennai gave the details of the Devi. On hearing this we went to the Village and found the Devi Sitting under a Peepal tree in a small thatched hut. The Idol is of Arthanareeswari . The local village people named as Muthu Maariamma and worshipped.We also saw our fore father’s house in the Agraharam and verified the documents pertaining to the sale of the property. None of our parents were alive to give details and guide us. There was a soothsayer (arulvakku) in the village who also mentioned the details as exactly as given by the Siddhar. The Devi promissed to take care of the present, and future generation. She asked us to construct a temple for HER.

We formed Amman Trust with our family members (all cousins-Dayathis). There was no money. We started collecting from family members and some friends.With HER guidance and grace we constructed a small temple and performed the Kumbabhishegam in 2002 and again after 12 years in 2014.

A sincere villager who was performing the daily poojas when Devi was in Hut is continuing the daily poojas even today. All our family members gather and perform pooja twice in a year. For the past 12 years Devi is showering HER blessings and guiding us which is being felt and experienced by one and all.

Contact us by sending an email to know more about the temple and plan a visit.

N Ramgopal

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