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Aaradhanai of GURU SRI RAMANANDA - 27 Dec 2021

Guru Ramananda aaradanai falls on 27th December 2021. It is being conducted by Dr jayakodi, Sri. muralidharan, sri. Ramachandran and Sri. Mahesh Ramachandran.

Sir Ramachandran is his grand son in poorvasramam and Guru Ramananda is Paramaguru of Sri. Jayakodi & Muralidharan.

Aaradhanai is being celebrated in koothanoor at Adhishtanam in

Koothanur (adjacent to Harinatheswarar temple),poonthotam post, nannilam taluk. Koothanur - Between Thiruvarur and Mayuladuthurai.



· Guru Ramananda"s poorvasarama name was Ramaswamy iyer.

· He lived in koothanoor--nanneelam taluk. (where famous Saraswathi amman koil is there).

· As there was a small kuttai(pond) at the back of saraswathi koil, he was also given a nick name as kuttakarai ramaswamy iyer.

· He was born in approximately 1869.

· He had a big family of 6 sons and 5 daughters.


· Every year guru used to take part and conduct Anna dhanam in thirumangalam in a mass scale,during prayaschitha abhishekam.

· Food used to be cooked in huge gangalams and andaas. He used to personally take interest in preparing and serving the Boli to the Brahmanals.

· He has done the Anna dhanam in thirumangalam for about 50 years.

· He had the privilege of being called as "ANNA DHANA PRAHU" by paramacharaya.


· He was always a helping hand for the people of all villages around him.

· He never had the discretion in caste or creed in helping them solving their problems.

· Whatever physical or mental problems the villagers had, he would do japam for them or give them vibhudhi, praying to god.

· If they could not come ,he himself would go to their place.

· For some problems he even used to ask them to bring yerrukan kayeru and would do mudikayeru for them accepting one whole coconut from them.

· All the near by villagers would rush to him for his blessings.

· Once a person came crying to guru that his nose is decreasing day by day. then guru promissed to see him after 2 days in his keethu kotagai. As told he went there and searched the ground and found a wax padhumai (toy).Nose of it was cut and burried under the ground by his enemy. He got it removed and did the follow on and rescued the person.


· In 1955 guru accepted aabath sanyasam .

· He was given dhandam ,kashasyam, and the name as RAMANANDA by paramacharya.

· His matam is just a few feet walk on the banks of kaveri in koothanoor.

· His adhistanam is just by the side of shivan koil adjoining the compound wall.

· A small opening in the wall of his adhistanam gives a glimpse of ambal kamalambal.


· It is said guru of sri RAMANANDA had come from kerala.

· It is said he used to visit varali malai.

· He used to do more of manasa upasana.

· He used to recite the name of thyagees the diety of thirumangalam.

· For navarathri. he used to draw a shatkonam and place hibiscus on and on that gatam and manana japam.

· Once it had happened that a snake coiled around the gatam. He asked the snake as to why it was visible like that, children would be scared. , and immediately the snake disappeared.

· During navarathri he would observe fasting and would take only avul, that too hand pounded at home with sanctity.


A person who knew guru was on the other side of the road where guru was walking from koothanoor to sethalapathy. Suddenly , he saw guru sitting down and a jyothi emanating from gurus sirasu and the words RAMA coming out of his mouth as last words. One of gurus poorvasrama relative had visited him 5 years before gurus siddhi.Perhaps because of some premonition guru told him to see his sahasraram and see if the brahmarandram is open ,after his siddhi.Relative was confused and silent.After 5 years he wanted to see guru.and entering the village. He happened to see a crowd in the road leading to sethalapathy. When he entered inside the crowd , he happened to see the guru having attained samadhi and the brahma randram opened in his sahasraram.HE was shocked to find the happenings of events as told by guru even before 5 years.

*****jai gurbuyo namaha!!*****

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