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எங்கள் ஊர் எங்கள் பெருமை

ORIGIN AND IMPORTANCE Sornakkadu is a beautiful village at a distance of 8 KMs from PERAVURANI in Thanjavur district. It's also called as Saravana Vanam and Swarna Vanam and the most important village of Dasagramam group of the following 10 villages: 1. Mangudi 2. Poovathakkudi 3. Vallavari 4. Ayingudi 5. Sornakkadu 6. Seriyalur 7. Thirunalur 8. Mookkudi 9. Nelladikkadu 10. Mannakkudi The speciality of Sornakkadu is that those who totally believe attend the Srirama Navami Bajanai and pray the Dieties Sri Kondansarama Swami, Seethpiratti Thayar, Shri. Lakshmana Swami, Shree Anjaneya Swamy and Shree Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy will get their prayers answered fulfilled and granted definitely. Moreover with the grace of these Dieties, one can overcome the obstacles and troubles of Kaliyuga Sornakkadu Sampradhaya Bajanai Padhdhathi is an unique Bajanai followed here. The Telugu mulakanadu brahmin patrons who adopt and practice this method, traditionally since 17th century, are spread over these 10 villages of Dasagramam. Hence, Sornakkadu Sampradhaya Bajanai Padhdhathi is solely connected with the Dasagramam of PERAVURANI TALUK and the Telugu Brahmin Mulakanadu community living in and around these 10 villages. HISTORY About 350 years ago, approximately 1 foot high Panchaliha deities of Shri Kondansaramar, Shree. Lakshmanar, Seethpiratti Thayar Shri Anjaneya Swamy were found from HARIDRA river in Mannakkudi in Thanjavur district and were handed over to the King PRATABA SIMHAN who ruled the Thanjai Samasthanam at that time. Soon, the king handed over the Deities to SHRI. HARIKANDAM, a Telugu Brahmin who was a Bhagavadar and representative of Thanjai Samasthanam and further arranged for the Nitya Puja etc , of the Dieties. Subsequently Shri. HARIKANDAM Iyer handed over the Deities to SHRI. RANGACHARI, his son-in-law. From that day, Shri. RANGACHARI generation is called as BHAGAWATHAR PARAMPARAI and generation after generation, Nitya Puja and Bajanai conducted as per laid down Vaidika procedures continuously.

Moreover, they had added the Deity of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy (Their Kula Deivam) along these four Deities. Thus Nitya Puja and Bajanai are being conducted to Shree Kothandaramar along with other Dieties by Telugu Brahmin Mulakanadu Haridasa Gotram descendants. Every year, SriRama Navami is being celebrated with special Aradhanai bajanai Annadhanam etc. In the year 1940/1941 Saradha Navratri was celebrated at Sornakkadu with the divine presence of Mahashrishri. Kanchi Periyava. Courtesy: Sri. Nagarajan Srinivasan

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