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Laying of Foundation Stone for Shankara Bhashya Mandap in National Sanskrit University

Gist of His Holiness Anugraha Bhashanam:

After paying pranams to Adi Sankaracharya His Holiness said that Adi Sankaracharya wrote commentaries and composed stotras.

He did pracharam and stressed the importance of Astikam. In the land of Bharatheeya, Karma yoga nishta is important and also Bhava parivarthanam. There should be no enemity.

His Holiness interpreted a few verses of Bhaja Govindam in the light of today's situations.

Upasana and Seva are important with simple living and without ego - Virodaha nasti.

Regarding Bharatheeya culture , distribution and presentation are important. The importance of Shastra and its link with the people should be communicated. The Shastra mahatmayam, the importance of Shastra should be told.

Sankara worked for unity of this country,not merely geographical. What is the role of importance of Dharma in the Independent India? Adi Sankara for the unity of all encompassed all. The sankalpa for the progress of the country is utmost important.

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