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News from PujyaSri Periyava’s Camp - Pune - Feb 2024


His Holiness the Acharyal had addressed Gita Bhakthi Amrita Mahotsav at Alandi as His Holiness was invited by Govinda Dev Giriji to grace the occassion.

The Acharyal had stressed the importance of Vedas and preserving and protecting it. The Acharyal recalled the efforts of Maha Swamigal and Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal in spreading Vedas and Veda patasalas across the country.

All pandits and vidyarthis of all Vedas present during this Mahotsav. The parayanas of all puranas are being done during this Mahotsav. Many of us are blessed to see various Acharyas with sampradaya.

Gist of talks of various Swamis and Peetathipathis.

1) Vedas should be learnt through Guru.

2) Guru alone can clear all doubts.

3) We should have faith in Gurus

4) Saints are beyond limited Sukh. The saints are sacred

5) In the midst of sorrow, the saints remain above all.

6) The qualities of Stitha pragna is told in Gita.

7) Don't lose faith in your Guru.

8) Our Sampradayam is not one. It encompasses the whole world.

9) Allandi is the sacred place of Dnyaneshwar.

10) We should give to our family and society, the Gnanam.

11) We should protect and preserve our parampara.

12) Only by protecting our Vedas, we can protect our world.

13)Gita is a part of Sanatana Dharma

14) Vision should be with a Mission.

Gist of His Holiness Anugraha Bhashanam at Allandi

On the Ekadasi day purana parayanam.should be done,Devotees should listen.

Three things ,- Bhakthi Parampara, Gnana Parampara, Karma yoga - could be seen in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra is the sangam of three.

Ganapathi's place is Maharastra. The karma yogis give direction, do service and serve through Sants in Maharashtra.

Eknath,Samartha Maharaj etc Through Sants, the faith and development take place in Maharashtra.

Through Maharashtra the entire country is benefitted.

Maharashtra has an unique place in our country.

Gnaneshwari translation in Tamil took place, when C Subramaniam was the Governor. Bharathiya pathathi, family values, how to speak, Dharma samsthithi should come to us.

With Rama pratishta, Dharma pratishta has taken place

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