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Nrusimha Jayanthi Observed

His Holiness performed Nrusimha Jayanthi Pujas today evening. The Narasimha Avatara Ghatta Parayanam, Nrusimha Pancharathnam & Karavalamba Stotram were read in the Puja Sannidhi.

Visit to Yadagirigutta on Ekadasi

His Holiness visited Narasimha Swamy temple at Yadagirigutta about 60 kms from Skandagiri temple here, on Ekadasi day 12/5/2022 and offered prayers at the shrine. The Sannidhi which is very ancient has been renovated with traditional Shilpa Shastra method fully in stone recently with four Gopurams. The hall in front of the main shrine is majestic with several forms of Narasimha Swami and other sculptures. His Holiness had visited the shrine in 1988 when GANAPATI Sthapati too accompanied the Acharya. Presently, His Holiness was received by the Priests,Chairman , Executive Officer and temple authorities. His Holiness also visited the recently renovated Shiva temple and performed special Abhishekams. Several devotees from Hyderabad accompanied His Holiness during the visit.

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