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Skanda Shashti Celebrations with Kumara Bhojanam - 2023


जय जय शङ्कर हर हर शङ्कर

Sri Periyava Kainkariya Sabha, Nanganallur,

& HHSJSS Golden Jubilee Charitable Trust jointly organise,

Shobakruthu Samvatsara Skanda Shashti Celebrations with Kumara Bhojanam Subramanya Bhujangam & Skanda Shasti Kavacha parayana Vaibhavam

Appeal to all centres

Pranams to Jagadguru Pujiya Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swami ji

मयूराधिरूटं महावाक्यगूटं मनोहारिदेहं महच्चित्तगेहम् 1

महीदेवदेवं महावेदभावं महादेवबालं भजे लोकपालम् 11

1. Many of us may be knowing that it has been the culture and tradition among the families residing across the erstwhile Thanjavur District to celebrate the Skandar Sashti in a unique way. On the day of Skanda Shasti bramacharis will be invited to the residences and offered arghya, aasanadhi upacharam and bhojanam as offerings to Lord Subramanya. By the efflux of time, this culture of the soil is on the threat of extinct. As a part of Protecting, Promoting and Preserving of sanathana Dharmam, the above said culture was restored and revived in 2019 onwards with the benign Blessings of PujyaSri Sankaracharya Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Samsthan.

Holding the principle of “Catch them young”, in mind, Sri.Sankaracharya Swamigal wishes to have all the Brahmacharis up to the age of 21, studying in patasalas, schools and Colleges, get enrolled and prepared well in advance to recite Sri. Subramaniya Bujangam and Sashti Kavacham and to participate in the celebrations on the events-day, as part of promoting the tradition and culture, among the youngsters. On the Skandar Sashti day, they will be organised in groups, in a common palace and on their arrival, they are welcomed, saying “Swaghtham”, treating them as Subramaniyar Swami Himself. On their finishing their daily routine of Sandhya vandanam and samitha dhanam, they are offered some refreshments. With the dhyana, aavahana, aasana, argya, padhya aachamana and upacharam, Sri Subramniar is thus installed in them. After adoring them with new clothes, they do take their seats. With the finishing of this priliminary puja, all Bramhacharis will start reciting Sri. Subramaniya Byjangam and Kandar Sashti Kavacham in chorus, following the lead-person/s. Then the organisers start performing regular pujai with Subramaniya Ashtothira /Thrisathi Archana, followed by shodasa upacharam with Neivedhyam etc. to the Portrait of Sri Valli Devasena Sametha Subramnia Swami. If suitable persons are available and depending on the local timings, hymns from the famous THIRIPUGAZH may be sung or played. Finally Maha parasadam is offered firstly to the Bramhacharis and later to others.

Now a few words about Sri. Subramaniya Bujangam. It is a devotional out pouring of Sri Adi Sankarachrya Bagavat Padar in praise of Lord Subramaniaya, after His experiencing a luminous light, when He medidated upon Sri.Subramaniya in Thiruchendur and got relieved of the physical ailment he had. The daily recitation of the Bujangam,for sure, will bring us wisdom and clarity of thoughts, words and deeds along with good health, long and cherished life and Fame. Reciting Kasndar Sashti kavacham, as we all know, provides a shield, protecting us from all kinds of external and internal dangers. When these two lyrics are recited on the Skandar Sashti Day the divine benefits showered on the reciter will be many-folds.

2. In 2019, we organised and celebrated in Chennai on a grand scale with the participation of 1000 plus boys under one roof in a Kalyana Mandapam. Thanks to the Covid regulations from 2020 onwards we started celebrating the Sashti festival in a decentralised manner in various centres all over India. Next year onwards this annual event is being conducted on the day of Skanda Shasti in all centres identified by the local organisers. Every year the number of participants is on the increase. Last year we had close to 2000 boys across India (in centres in Kasi to Rameshwaram) and in abroad (Singapore, UAE & USA.).

3. This year Skandar Sashti falls on 18-11-2023, as per the Vakkiya Panchangam, which is traditionally followed in the Thanjavur District. With the Blessings of Sri.Periyava, we propose to have an ambitious Skandar Sashti 2023- world over program” by adding more centres, with the kind cooperation of our people residing abroad including the Countries like New Zealand, Australia, Qatar & Great Britan with the objective of Sri Subramaniya bhujagam and Kandar sashti Kavacham chanted and heard all over the world for all the 24hrs on the day of skanda shasti, with the celebrations set to the convenient local time of the day in the centres in various countries in the Sun-follow Time Zones. Therefore, we have to design the programme activities suitably, with the set of program /agenda for the core groups in each Zone. While we will arrange to provide Veshtis & towels to the participants, as much as possible, to requesting centres, we request other centres to arrange the same locally. The international centres are requested to manage the expenditure of the celebrations sourcing locally.

4. This circular letter is sent to all groups, who organised the celebrations previous years in various centres both in India and abroad to confirm their participation in Skandar Sashti 2023 through their confirmation mail, as early as possible but not later than 10-10-2023, along with the details like estimated number of participating boys etc. in the format attached. This will facilitate us to assess the estimated number of participants and the assistance needed from our side to the centres. This circular letter is also published in the NRI groups and e- Magazines as an invite to the new groups and individuals in the countries noted in para 3 above, who are willing to participate in the 2023 celebrations making the event a world over one. All the core- group organisers are requested to take this circular letter forward to other and new willing groups and individuals inviting them for their participation with their boys on the event day in their respective centres or at home, if the nearest centre in their location is away from their homes. The ultimate purpose is to carry forward our culture and traditions without break to the next generations, wherever they are in the world. In case of Individuals willing to join the scheme for the reason nearest centre remaining little far and not reachable or for any other reason, they will please contact and register with the nearest centre and express their willingness to join the celebs from their respective home but adhering strictly to the prescribed schedule for Puja etc. and parents of the individuals committing themselves to the karyakramam. A list of centres with the core group leads, where we had celebrations last year is attached for verification and revalidation and for the information of new centres who are willing to get enrolled for 2023 Any additions or alterations needed in the list with reference to change of persons / location, phone numbers etc. may please be notified to us immediately for our further contacts in this regard.

5. For further details, please contact or send mail to 1) S.Ramachandran @ 9444129208 for scheme details, 2) & 3) Sri.Sathyanarayanan @ 9962540901 and Sri. Chandramouli @ 9600155419 for All India Centres, mail id 4) & 5) Sri Gopal Kalyanaraman @ 9941154642 and Sri.Thiyagu @ 8903458014 / 8220968993 for Overseas Centres, mail id

Encl: As above.

Event Agenda

Skanda shashti_Agenda
Download PDF • 550KB

Instructions to Parents

Skanda shashti Instructions to Parents Students Tamil
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Skanda shashti Appeal
Download PDF • 265KB

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