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Sri Govindadevgiriji Maharaj on Sri Ram Mandir Prana Prathishta

Clearing doubts regarding the Śrī Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir Prana Prathishta, Śrī Govindadevgiriji Maharaj, the treasurer of the Ram Janmabhoomi Thirtha Kshetra Trust, gave the following points to the anchor of ABP news.

The first question was regarding the proceedings, whether they were compliant to the Shastras or not. He emphasised that a one who had a doubt about compliance with Shastric requirements could come to Ayodhya and see for oneself.

Regarding the cacophony from several quarters about the Muhurt not being correct, Śrī Govindadevgiriji Maharaj replied, “When this important event was considered, our entire Mandal approached the Kānchi Kāmakoti Perth’s Pujya Shankaracharya Shankara Vijayendra Sarasvatiji Maharaj. He was at Varanasi during his Vijaya Yatra. We all went to Kāshi. At Kāshi, for two days or so, we sat for hours and this matter was debated and deeply considered, following which the decisions were made. When the issue of Ayodhya was burning for years, Kānchi Kāmakoti Peeth’s Shankaracharya Maharaj Jayendra Sarasvatiji Maharaj was the one with us in the forefront.”

Regarding the controversy that was raised by the Puri Shankarāchārya, he replied, “I know Him well; He is a great scholar, and an exalted individual.”

He humbly presented that on that day, there will be immense crowds and the protocols and strict requirements of the Shankaracharyas and entourage cannot be adequately attended to and requested them to come at another time when they can be fully attended with due respects. If there is any perception of shortcoming in shastric protocols, their Margadarshan is welcome. However, while respecting the Puri Shankarācharya’s erudition and spiritual status, he emphasised that often a communication gap results in controversies. He welcomed all Shankarāchāryas to come in person and give their guidance and corrections, if needed, before the 21st. He was however, supremely confident on the proceedings being totally shastric compliant (due to the involved guidance of the Kānchi Kāmakoti Pertham’s Shankaracharya Maharaj Pujyashree Shankara Vijayendra Sarasvatiji.)

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