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Thataaka Pratishta, Mani Mandapam, Orikkai in divine presence of His Holiness

In Sanatana Dharma, Teerthas are venerated as divine entities and a visit or bath at sacred Teerthas removes our inner and exterior impurities. Apart from Teertha Kshetras there are several Tanks & water bodies which are of this nature. In Kanchi there are temple tanks where on each day of a week, devotees perform Snanam in these sacred temple tanks.

Today, Thataaka Prathishta was performed at the newly constructed traditional water tank on the North Eastern side of Mani Mandapam, Orikkai, in the divine presence of His Holiness. The Thataaka Prathishta is a sacred ritual found in our Sastras which enlists the various traditions for consecrating a newly constructed water body. Kalasha Sthapanam, Havans, offering Palasha wood etc were performed. His Holiness poured the sacred Kalasha Teertham in four directions of the Tank named after Adi Shankarabhagavatpada. His Holiness in his speech talked about the Prathishta and importance of Purta Dharma.

The tank has been constructed in hexagonal shape like the one in Karvetnagar where Kanchi Mahaswami & Sri Jayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya Swamigal performed Chaturmasya in 1971. There is a Mandapam in middle of the Thataakam.

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