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Vedhaparayanam at Krishnarayapuram as per directions of Kanchi Acharyas

July 2023

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

Mahaperiyaval Saranam | Pudhu Periyaval Saranam | Balaperiyaval Saranam Kanchi Periyaval Saranam

In 2017 June when we visited Kanchi mutt camp at Sankara school in OMR Road near Sholinganallur in Chennai, He gave us an Agna.. to organize a KrishnaYajur Vedha parayanam at a place called Krishnarayapuram on the Trichy Karur Highway.

He gave us the contact details of Brahmashri Seshadri Ganapadigal at Allur so as to arrange for young Vedhic students fresh from Patasalas in that area

Balaperiyaval mentioned that while there is an” Earn while you Learn “ concept in US and West , we should also ensure that Vedhic students fresh from Patasala be engaged in the chanting of Vedhas and that they be encouraged with Sambhavana, Vastra , Bhojan etc when they come out fresh from Patasala after completion of their Vedhic course..

Besides Balaperiyava said that those in villages get little exposure only immdiately after completion and that we should ensure that they get opportunities.

Towards this Noble cause, He said that we should first start off with a 5 day full parayanam of Krishna Yajur vedha with 5 young Ritwicks. Pudhu Periyal who was in the camp blessed us in this noble cause

Since it was an entirely new exercise for us, He also guided us by sending a senior to guide us in this matter who was organizing similar Vedha Parayanam at Vaidheeswaran Koil every month on behalf of Mutt.

Balaperiyaval also mentioned that Rig Vedha is organized at Vaidheeswaran Koil which according to puranas has a name of PulluRukkuVelur where Rukku meant Rig Vedhas and that Krishna Yajur Vedha should be held at Krishnarayapuram on the Trichy Karur highways .

Since it had Divine blessings of Kanchi Acharyas, the event could be organized at Krishnarayapuram with ease with money for this coming from our family and like minded friends and relatives. Every thing happened smoothly including getting a house in that Agraharam, where both chanting and preperations like food could be prepared in accordance with our traditions.

On the concluding day of the 5 day chant, all of us did Brahmana Pradakshinam after their Bhojan and they were given Sambhavana with different Dhana like Swarna, Silver , Vastram, Padhuka etc. Akshada prasadam was taken to Periyavas and given . He enquired details and we told Him that some collected money was with us as balance.

It was then that He adviced us to utilize the balance money for organizing Anusha Vedha Parayanam every Anusha. Initially with 2 Ritwicks and gradually and subsequently upto 5 .

He also gave directions that entire Thaithriya Upanishad upto Narayana Valli must be chanted . Additionally Bhagvad Gita parayan must be done ….

With the blessings of Periyava this is being organized till date ie June 2023 in an uninterrupted manner including the Pandemic period. Since moving out was not possible during pandemic , to ensure that Parayana was done during this most critical period for the Lokashema, we took the guidelines of Periyava when on an occasion he said that even during times like Varalakshmi vradham etc if Anusha comes, then also there should be chanting in Krishnarayapuram with those in Agraharam chanting Rudram , Namakam .

This was done. Besides, we requested Ritwicks to chant Thaitriya Upanishads and Bhagwad raGita from their Patasala itself as moving out was not possible They would show this in Google Meet in a live manner. We would transfer Sambhavana to their accounts including money for Vastra and Bhojanam

Balaperiyaval very much encourages this as a concept and on one occasion when we went to take His darshan with the Akshada prasada, He mentioned that while we do prachara for this activity , He would as well do Prachara for this. Such is the importance our Acharya attaches to Vedha Parayana.

To our entire astonishment we have seen that Mahaperiyava blesses us with enough money to the extent we engage the Vedha Brahmanas ie if we engae 2 accordingly we get funds and as on date 5 for which also we get that much money possible ONLY with the blessings of Mahaperiyyava Pudhu Periyava and Balaperiyava. This is very much true.

As per the Agna of Balaperiyaval and with the blessings of Pudhuperiyaval , a Vedhaparayanam is being held at a place called Krishnarayapuram, , on the Trichy Karur highway since 2017. This was fully an Agraharam till mid 90s

About Krishnarayapuram Village :

This Place is 55 kms from Trichy on Trichy Karur highway ..easily accessible by bus from Trichy or Karur and if one takes a train can get down at Kulitalai and come by bus for 15kms

Krishnarayapuram is a small village which was a full fledged Agraharam till early 1990s & has typical Agraharam houses with an Puradhana Ishwar temple on the other side of the highway with Cauvery River flowing very close to the temple. This temple is called Madhukaraveni Samedha Nethramaleswarar temple an 800 year old temple , constructed by Mummudi Chola and renovated later on by King Krishnadevaraya. Temple has Vilva Vriksham and has Vanni Maram on EsanaMoolai which is considered very auspicious.

The Cauvery flowing near by, makes it a temple to visit & along with a Smasana opposite The temple, reminds us of Kashi. There are also Adhishtanas for quite a few Sanyasis from Krishnarayapuram very close to the temple and Cauvery bank. They all took Sanyasa at certain stage of their lives after living in the Krishnarayapuram Agraharam for decades.

Several Agnihotris, Ganapadigals, Dikshitars lived here and practiced Vedha and performed homa and daily rituals...several took Sanyasa too ... Mahaperiyaval camped here during Dhanur Month in those days Both Pudhu Periyavaand Balaperiyaval have visited the Agraharam on more than one occassion.

Presently Parayana is being held in the house of Sri Kannan mama son of Late SankaraDikshitar where he was performingNithya Agnihotram...both Anusha Vedhaparayanam and KrishnaYajur Vedha Parayanam.

About Vedhaparayanam being held at Krishnarayapuram

1 Krishna Yajur Vedha ----Presently done once a year ---for 5 days

2. Anusha Vedhaparayanam: Done during every months' Anusham ..Thaitriya Upanishad full 4 prasnams + BhagwadGita

While Rig Vedha parayana is being conducted at Vaitheeswaran koil at the behest of Kanchi

Mutt which according to Purana is also called as Pulu Rukku Velur in which Rukku refers to

Rig Vedha. In Krishnarayapuram , it is Krishna Yajur Vedham as per Balaperiyava

Anusha Vedhaparayanam every month on Anusha:

The Anusha Vedhaparayanam is being held since July 2017

Initially 2 young Ritwicks participated from near by villages like Allur/ Sirugamani with Thaithriya Upanishad Parayanam and BhagwadGita parayana and the Ritwicks are arranged by Bhrahmasri Seshadri Ganapadigal of Allur Vedapatasala.

At the end of the parayana , bhojana given to Vedha Brahmanas followed by Sambhavana/ Vastra Dhanam and pradhakshanam. Milk/ ghee/ vegetables/ rice etc are all arranged locally with eager participation by those in Agraharam.beisdes those from contributors from outside.

Dikshitar family has kindly given their house along with cooking utensils and gas

Food is prepared in the agraharam house and served to all Over the last couple of years , the number of Ritwicks has been increased from 2 to 5

This 1st July 2023 , the 79th Anusha Vedhaparayanam took place .. all with the blessings of Balaperiyaval. We attend the parayana in Krishnaryapuram almost on all occassions barring Pandemic period when India declared lockout preventing movement.

As far as Full KrishnaYajur Vedha Parayana, it is happening even now once a year with 6 Ritwicks for 5 days during which apart from Sambhavana, other dhanas like Swarna / Velli / Vastram

Sandalwood etc are all arranged from the contributions given by several good hearted souls who take keen interest in supporting Vedha Rakshanam . In each Vedha parayana , be it Anusham or Full Krishna YajurVedha parayanam, Anna Prasadham served to all and Akshadai given after the Vedha Brahmana Bhojana.

Several Bakthas are part of this Kainkaryam and with Acharyas blessings we able to mobilise and organise this VedhaRakshanam every Anusha and also organise full KrishnaYajur Vedha once a year as of now. We took Balaperiyavals Darshan latest as on May 2023 who keenly enquired about the proceedings when we showed Him the 6 nos of Silver Deepa to be given to Ritwicks on

Mahaperiyavas Jayanthi on 3rd June. On that occassion we arranged PooPandhal for Mahaperiyava.

Parupputhengai Koodu , variety of frutis , seets prepared at home etc were all made available by Devotees of Kanchi Mutt whose attachment to Mahaperiyava ensures their enthusiastic Voluntary participation.

Acharya inspires us by acccepting the Akshada that we collect at the end of every Anusham exclusively for Him from Ritwicks after doing Brahmana Pradakshanam and keeping the same on His SIRAS . By this act we come to know the importance given to Vedha Rakshanam by our most reverred Kanchi Acharyas of our time ....Mahaperiyaval / Pudhu Periyaval / Balaperiyaval

We pray Acharya for continuance of this Kainkaryam where many participate.

Periyava Saranam



Poojyasri Balaperiyaval being given Kalasa Theertham and Akshadaprasadam of KrishnaYajur Vedha parayanam @Vishakapatnam camp in Jan 2023 when His Holiness blessed us for the continuation of Vedha Rakshanam

Poojyashri Balaperiyaval Blessing us in Vizag camp ....Jan 2023

Honouring Brahmashri Sri Allur Seshadri Ganapadigal Anna - KrishnaYajur Vedaparayanam Jan23

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