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Visit to Ramanujapuram on March 8,2021 - Monday

The meeting was held in the presnce of villagers, Sampath Narayanan with Sri. Sundaresan, Manager Kanchi Mutt, Sri. Sethu Ramachandran, Shri. Sethuraman of Bangalore and Sri. Srinivasan.

The villagers have expressed their happiness in this temple being centre of their living.

The temple is supported by villagers and six நாட்டாண்மை

1) Ramanujapuram or Bhaskaraya puram is in Umayalpuram

2) There is a temple dedicated to Lord Viswanatha Swamy and Godesses Visalskshi.

3) It is more than thousand years old and was in dilapidated condition.

4) The Kumbhabishekam was done in 2015 with the support of local people and Mahalakshmi Trust.

5) Lord Surya according to history did Pratishta of Lord Viswanatha.

6) A vaishnavite is performing pooja for the deity.

7) Pradosha pooja is done regularly.

8) Navarathri utsavam is done elaborately

9) According to the Gurukkal, Sampath Narayanan, between 4 and 5 the Shivalinga sweats.

10) Once this village was centre of festivities with 108 smarthas and 108 Vaishnavites' families.

11) At present none of these families live here and all of them have migrated.

12) Due to this peculiar situations, this temple needs to be supported from all aspects - rituals, Poojas etc.

13) The following deities are there in the temple







Lord Dakshinsmoorthy

14) Instead of four disciples associated with Dakshinsmoorthy, only two disciples are seen.

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