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Viswaroopa Yatra - 2022

Viswaroopa Yatra

The Chaturmasya Poorthi Viswaroopa Yatra will be held on 10 Sep 2022. His Holiness is scheduled to commence from Goshala premises at around 5/5:30 PM and go to Paripoornananda Swamy Ashram, Sreepeetam in a procession. The Viswaroopa Adhyayam of Bhagavadgita (11th Chapter) will be read there.

His Holiness will then reach Srimatam camp at Vinayaka Temple, Jayendra Nagar (near Dmart) at Kakinada.

Further Camp Schedule:

From 11/9 till 15/9 Srimatam camp will be at Vinayaka Temple, Jayendra Nagar, Kakinada. The temple was consecrated by His Holiness Pujya Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamigal in 1987.

From 16/9 onwards Srimatam camp will be at Peddapuram (near Samalkot) and Sharan Navaratri Pujas will also be held there.

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