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Yajur Veda Jata Parayanam @ Tiruvarur Temple

Yajur Veda jata parayanam started on 18 Mar 2021 @ Tiruvarur temple

Jata parayanam and Marty Pongal regularly conducted three brothers has been going on for the past 54 years as per Sri Periya aggyai.

Normally 6 to 8 ganapadigal will attend the parayanam but this year because of current situation, Sri Thiagaraja temple requested us to restrict the number. So four ganapadigal attending jata parayanam(Yajur Veda thaithee ya samhitai jata).

Normally 10 to 12 days parayanam to finish on Panguni Uttaram as per Maha periyava guidance even though Mahaperiyava had visited the temple long ago, he also specified the place to do the parayanam (!).

As per HH directions they also do other 3 Veda samhithai parayanam in between these days ( samhithai parayanam normally takes 3 days per Veda).

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