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Sri Budha Bhagawan Thiru Koil - Sri Swethaareneshwarar Tiruvengadu, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Na

This place is ten kms from Sri Vaideeshwaran Koil. The main deity is Lord Sri Shiva known as Sri Shwetharaneeshwarar and the goddess is Sri Brahama Vidyambhika. This place is also known as Sri Shwetharanyam, Sri Aadi Chidambaram and Sri . Nava Nrithya Sthalam.There is a shrine outside the temple dedicated to planet Sri Budha Mercury). Sri Budha is supposed to confer wisdom and prosperity. By the side of Sri Budha's shrine is located the shrine of goddess Sri Parvathi.The legend is Lord Sri Shiva has five faces namely, Sri Eashanam, Sri Thatpurusham, Sri Aghoram, Sri Vama Devam and Sri Sathya Adam. In this temple Lord Sri Shiva has assumed the form of Sri Aghoramurthy -The God who is beautiful and with the furious aspects of how Lord Sri Shiva killed the demon Maruthasura.At this place Lord Sri Shiva also saved a devotee from the clutches of Lord Sri Yama. For the sake of the devotees Lord Sri Shiva danced all his seven types of dances known as Sri Ananda Thandavam, Sri Sandya Thandavam, Sri Samhara Thandavam, Sri Oordava Thandavam, Sri Tripuranda Thandavam, Sri Bhayankara Thandavam and Sri Lalitha Thandavam. All these poses are depicted in this temple. There is also a separate shrine for Sri Veera Agora Murthy. There are separate shrines each for Sri Bhadrakali, Sri Ashta Lakshmi and Sri Nataraja. Three Thirthams known as Sri Agni, Sri Chandra and Sri Soorya are considered as holy. devotees come and perform shrardham for their ancestors at this place. Saivite Saint Sri Markendeya, Sri Appar, Sri Sundarar, Sri Sambhandar, Sri Manikavasakar and Sri Pattinathar have sung couplets in praise of Lord Sri Shiva.

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