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Sri Kambhahareshwarar Temple - Sri Sarabheshwarar Thirubhuvanam, Thiruvadamarudur, Tanjore, Tamil N

This temple, more popularly known as Sarabheshwarar Temple, is about 7 km from Kumbakonam — Adudurai. This is a Sri Shiva temple and the god is known as Kambhahareshwarar: the remover of fears (Kambha means shivering).

There is another temple in the same compound dedicated to Sarabheshwarar. The legend is that when Lord Sri Vishnu took the Avathar of Narasimha and killed the Asura Hiranyakashyapu, the devas rejoiced However the ferocity of Lord Narasimha did not subside and due to thirst for more blood he started attacking the people. The astonished devas approached Lord Sri Shiva for help. The merciful Sri Shiva took the Avathar of Sharabha Murthy who had matching ferocity of Lord Narasimha. This Avathar had sharp teeth, strong wings, eight legs, half the body looked like a terrifying animal and the other half a monstrous bird. His four hands each carried a weapon: a deer (Maan), an axe, a serpent and fire. He embraced Lord Narasimha who became pacified.

Lighting of lamps in this temple during Rahu Kalam on Sundays is considered to be beneficial to the devotees.

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