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Sri Surya Bhagawan Thiru Koil - Sri Kasi Viswanathar Suryanar Koil, Aduthurai, Tanjore District, Ta

This temple is in Suryanar Koil located at distance of about two kms from Aduthurai. As you enter the temple, on the right side, is Sri Ganesha facing west. After worshipping Sri Ganesha we have to climb some steps to enter the sanctum of Sri Surya with his two consorts Sri Usha and Sri Prathyusha. On the left hand side is the idol of Sri Shiva in a Linga form known as Sri Kashi Vishwanathar and the goddess is Sri Vishalakshi. Directly in front of Sri Surya is installed Guru facing Sri Surya. After worshipping Sri Surya and Sri Guru we have to climb down and go around the temple in an anti-clockwise manner wherein are installed the other seven planets namely :Sri Shani, Sri Bhudha, Sri Shukra, Sri Chandra, Sri Sevvai, Sri Rahu and Sri Kethu and lastly Chandikeshwarar. Then we have to make the pradakshin in the clock-wise manner three times and then prostrate before the flag staff or the Kodimaram. The other Sun Temple in India is located at Konarak in Orissa State.

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