Vasantha Navaratri-SriRamanavami-Garbotsavam-2020


Sri Rama Jayam

Paruthiyur Periyava Charanam. 🕉 Mahaperiyava Charanam.


॥परुतियूर् रामध्यानम्॥ तडागभूमिगतविग्रहं देवानुग्रहगोचरम् आजानुबाहुलावण्यरूपं दिव्यकोदण्डधनुषम् सीतालक्ष्मणहनुमत्समेतं परुतियूर्निवसन्तम् कृष्णशास्त्रि संसेवितं श्रीरामचन्द्रं ध्यायामि

Sri Rama Navami Vasantha Navarathri Garbotsava pujas begins at Paruthiyur Rama Temple on 24 March, 2020.

Sri Rama Navami is on Shukla Paksha Navami, Thursday 02-April-2020.

Vasantha Navaratri Garbotsavam 24 March - 01 April, 2020

10.00 AM Garbotsava Pujas Rama Parivaar.

(Abhishekam, Alankaram, Aradhanai, Archanais)

12.00 Noon Mahamangala Aarti Neivedhyam All Days

6.00 PM: ’Dharma Rakshana Samiti’ presents Ramayana Navaham.

7.30 PM: Evening Garbotsava Aradhanai

Devotees are welcome to bring milk, oil, rose water, flowers, garlands, abhishekam and puja materials etc and join our parivaar pujas in person and perform archanas and recite Purusha Shuktam, Vishnu Sahasranamam during the puja alankara in the morning.

With the blessings of Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Preetam, ‘Dharma Rakshana Samiti’ presents Ramayana Navaha pravachanam, a grand discourse of Srimad Ramayana in nine days. It is a great blessing and an unique opportunity to host such an event at Paruthiyur Rama Temple during this Vasantha Navaratri Garbotsavam, rendered by scholar, Professor at Sw. Dayananda Collage, Manjakudi, Dr. Shivakumar Phd. Pundit Shivakumar is an exponent of Ramayana. His narration style of Ramayana is simple, powerful and enduring. His ability to convey the epic with special reference to the present day modern society is par excellence. We invite all devotees, village and parivaar along with their family and friends to participate in Garbotsava Pujas and the enchanting discourses and receive the blessings of ‘Paruthiyur Periyava’ Ramayanam Sri Krishna Sastri and the divine grace of Sri Rama.


Paruthiyur Rama Temple

Sri Kalyanavaradaraja Perumal Temple,

31, Agraharam Street, Paruthiyur P.O

Via Sengalipuram, Kodavasal Taluk,

Thiruvarur District, TN 612604.


Jai Shree Ram, 🏽

PKS Smriti Seva Samiti

Paruthiyur Krishna Sastri parivaar 🕉

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