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Significance of Tree Plantation as in Sastras & Ancient Indian Treatises-Book Release

His Holiness released a book on Vruksharopana Mahima - Marangale Pillaigal on 13 Aug 2020, through Video Conference. The book is authored by Brahmasri Sundararama Vajapeyayaaji with the blessings of His Holiness. The event was attended by Sri K A Sengottaiyan, Hon'ble Minister of Education, Govt of Tamil Nadu & Sri M C Sampath Hon'ble Minister of Industries, Govt of Tamilnadu. Both the Ministers, spoke on the occasion & outlined the various welfare initiatives of Government to plant trees and environmental conservation.

His Holiness in his Anugraha Bhashanam spoke about taking the messages of Sages & Sastras to positively impact lives of common people, importance of environmental conservation, importance of preserving and harvesting rain water and the importance of promoting Science & Spirituality together for a healthy future. Earlier the author introduced the book to the participants. Sri Narayana Vajapeyayaaji, Son of Brahma Sri Sundararama Vajapeyayaaji, delivered vote of Thanks. The online event was conducted by Sri Sankara Arts & Science College, Enathur, Kanchipuram.

The book with Tamil translation has a compilation of verses from Sastras, Mahabharata, Puranas stating the importance, method & benefit of tree plantation. In one of the verses trees are compared as ones children & exhorted that planting trees begets Punya - Merit to seven generations. Photos of Kanchi Acharyas in natural background, photos of 100 trees with botanical names and details of Sthala Vrukshas form part of this book.

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